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Stall Focus #2 – Vieve

29 Feb

Swop n Shoppers rejoice! We have another stallholder.

The brainchild of one Genevieve Preece, they’re called Vieve and they rock. We couldn’t be happier to have them on board.

We caught up with Genevieve in order to learn who they are and what they do:

Hello Genevieve. Could you sum-up Vieve in one sentence?
Vieve is an eclectic mix of customised vintage and handmade fashion clothing and accessory pieces.

What will you be selling on the day?
Vieve will have beautiful, unique pieces of customised vintage and handmade clothing, hand dyed and printed silk scarves, vintage inspired jewellery and accessories.

What can we expect from your stall? Will there be any special new products or promotions on the day?
Vieve strives for an individual boutique style, presentation is key whilst love and attention is given to each individual item to ensure Vieve’s customers can find something perfectly special for them. Vieve will have a suitably summery feel and as a special treat we will be offering a complimentary present for those who spend over £30 in one purchase.

How exciting! So how did Vieve come about?
I have always had a strong passion for the creative world, at University I studied Fashion and Textile Design, and I am now really enjoying finding unusual vintage items and turning them into something special and making beautiful handmade pieces with a quirky feel. I love to embroider fabrics, and use print and dye effects to create something fabulous. My great passion is seeing others enjoy my pieces and look gorgeous wearing them.

What attracted you to take part in Swop n Shop?
The Swop n Shop is a great opportunity to support a worthwhile charity and also take part in a wonderful event in Derby. I look forward to spreading the Vieve name and meeting customers, new and old.


And we look forward to meeting you, Genevieve!

Catch up with Vieve on Facebook, Twitter and, coming soon, a very swanky website.


Stall Focus #1 – Shu & Me

27 Feb

Excellent news,  Swop n Shoppers! We’ve got our first stallholder.

Shu & Me specialise in vintage and trend inspired jewellery put together by hand using recycled pieces of unwanted, broken or inherited costume and antique jewellery. They take the outmoded and make it “beautiful and wearable”. It’s a marvellous venture based on a very real love for the gorgeous and the unique. We’re genuinely proud to have them on board.

We caught up with the mastermind behind Shu & Me – Lucy Bannister – to tell us what it’s all about.

Hi Lucy. Could you sum-up your stall in one sentence?
A stall with the concept that- “One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure.” Being that I’m a total Magpie and lover of all things Vintage.My stall will be filled with sparkly vintage bling!

What will you be selling on the day?
I hand make, unique necklaces and bracelets that have been put together using recycled pieces of unwanted, broken or inherited costume/antique jewellery that have gone on to be revived to make something beautiful and wearable. Every item is different and exclusive to the person wearing it. Each necklace and bracelet tells a different story.

What can we expect from your stall? Will there be any special new products or promotions for the day?
All my pieces of jewellery are 100% one-offs so who knows what I will have created by the time the event comes around! I find this is all part of the thrill and excitement in doing what I do, never knowing what I might pick up next to create something new from- so expect some surprises! Other than that I will be bringing my existing collection of vintage inspired necklaces and bracelets designed currently priced between £10-£30 each one unique to the person who buys them and made with 100% care, love and consideration into the smallest of details.

How did Shu & Me come about?
I started working with jewellery from an early age as a Saturday girl at a friend of the families business in derby, it was working there that my passion for the crafting of jewellery began I suppose. I completed my degree in ‘Fashion Studies’ and knew it was the fashion world I wanted to become part of but wasn’t sure which area. Eventually I decided to mix my love for design, with my love for jewellery and create trend/vintage inspired jewels- I love the idea of taking something unwanted and making it beautiful again in a new form.

What attracted you to take part in Swop n Shop?
I think any event of this kind is great. The Red Cross is obviously a super cause to back and it’s nice that fashion and charity can work so well together, allowing to promote local business but also raise lots of money to help the millions of people that rely upon the Red Cross around the world. With Shu&Me being my new venture I see this event as the perfect way to show case my stuff. Can’t wait to be part of it!


Lucy? We can’t wait either.

You can find Shu & Me on both Facebook and Blogspot. Why not pay them a visit?

Hello Everybody & Welcome/New Venue!

27 Feb

Swop n Shop is back, and this time it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

We’re currently in the process of recruiting stalls. Check back here in the coming months for the latest news on who’s going to be involved and what’s going to happen. We have big plans for this event. Big, big plans. But the main news at the moment is that we have a new venue: The Derby Silk Mill!

As part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, The Silk Mill stands on the site of the world’s first factory.

It is therefore a sort of spiritual hub of importance for not just the area, but also for the fashion industry itself. It goes without saying that were there not a Silk Mill, then we’d all still be wearing burlap sacks.

That’s why we thought it would be the perfect place to host a giant clothes swop, crafts and vintage fair. Are we suggesting that The Swop n Shop is of equal, if not greater, importance than the sparking of the industrial revolution?

Yes. Yes we are.

We’re quite convinced that one day people will share boastful tales of how they were “there in the early days”.

You could be there too.

The next event takes place on June 9th, 2012. You see that countdown in the top right hand corner? That tells you exactly how long there is to go between now and the big day. Keep a close eye on it. In fact, you should come back here on the hour, every hour in order to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

See you there!

The Silk Mill can be found at: Silk Mill Lane, Full Street, Derby, DE1 3AF