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Stall Focus #9 – Scarlet Goddess

22 May

As Swop n Shop draws ever-nearer, we catch up with Scarlett Goddess herself, Sue Farrell

Hi Sue. Could you sum up Scarlett Goddess in one sentence?
High quality vintage jewellery and accessories to suit all tastes, pockets and styles.

Nice. So what sort of things can we expect?
I sell all types of vintage jewellery, bags and accessories plus vintage inspired one-off pieces.

Will you be bringing anything special to Swop n Shop?
A step back in time to an age of glamour and elegance.

Sign me up! So how did Scarlett Goddess begin?
I have loved vintage jewellery ever since the days when I was a young girl and my Aunt let me delve into her jewellery box Рoften letting me choose a piece to keep.  I still have most of the pieces and still wear them today as the jewellery made then was made to last and it still looks stunning and timeless.

Finally, what made you want to take part in Swop n Shop?
I saw Swop n Shop advertised in my local Red Cross Charity Shop and thought what a wonderful idea it was and how I would love to be part of this very worthwhile event. I love to be creative and repair and re-model vintage jewellery giving it a new lease of life.


Should you wish to sample the earthly delights of Scarlett Goddess before Swop n Shop, you can find her at the marvelous Heanor Antiques Centre.


Stall Focus #8 – Jenni Alsbury

21 May

We’ve nearly completed our line-up of stalls! Trust me, you’re in for a treat.

Today we talk to Independent Phoenix Trader Jenni Alsbury.

Hello Jenni. Could you sum up your stall in one sentence?
Excellent quality greeting’s cards and stationary at great prices.

Nice. So what sort of thing will you be selling?
Independent Phoenix Traders sell greetings cards, stationary, wrapping paper, posters plus many more things. Expect to see the sort of award winning-products only avalable through an Independent Phoenix Trader

So how did you get into Phoenix Trading?
I brought some cards and decided  that it was something I could do. Phoenix Traders is easy to join, I get to make a little extra money and I love doing it!

Finally, what made you want to take part in Swop n Shop?
The British Red Cross do lots of good work both here and abroad. It is always good to support any charities I can through my business.


You can visit Jenni on her Phoenix Trading page here.