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What Can The Red Cross Do With Your £3 Entry?

7 Jun

As you might be aware, all money raised by Swop n Shop will be used by The British Red Cross to help those affected by crisis both at home and overseas.

Here’s a list of just some of the amazing things The British Red Cross could do with your £3 entry fee:

– Provide one food parcel for someone living with HIV in South Africa.

– Provide 50 litres of purified water.

– Provide one foil blanket for an earthquake survivor.

– Give lifesaving treatment for nine people affected by cholera.

– Feed a malnourished child for a week.

– Provide two fruit tree seedlings to a community in Uganda, providing nutrition for families and an income when sold at market.

Ultimately, we wish to raise £2,500 for The British Red Cross.

If £3 can be used to such wonderful ends, imagine what they could do with £2,500:

– Care for 20 vulnerable people at home after a hospital stay.

– Give 83 people freedom and confidence through the loan of a wheelchair.

– Enable our volunteers to trace 50 family members separated by conflict or natural disasters.

– Buy staple foods, second hand cooking utensils and toiletries for 150 refugees newly arrived in the UK.

– Provide 62 essential household item kits for families including four blankets, two sleeping mats, a clothing kit, a jerry can, a bucket, and two bars of soap.

But what about you? What do you get for your £3?

Quite a lot:

– Over 20 local and independent stores selling unique upcycled, vintage and handmade arts, crafts and desirables – most of which is completely unavailable anywhere else.

– Access to the almighty Swop – £3 really isn’t much to pay for the chance to revitalise your entire wardrobe.

– A groovy 60s living room – a spaced-out relaxation space where you can spin vinyl and bask in the wondrous vintage vibes.

– A wholesome feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

So bring your friends. Bring your family. Have your family bring their friends. Have the friends of your family bring their family.

Spread the word and help us meet and beat our target.


How Does The Swop Work?

6 Jun

Swop n Shop is now mere days away. Are you excited? We can’t sleep.

Wondering how it all works? Here’s a quick FAQ designed to answer all your burning questions:

1. Our swop is simple – you bring your unwanted clothes, we swop them for tokens, you swop your tokens for someone else’s unwanted clothes. That impulse buy you’ve always regretted buying, that’s sitting in the back of your wardrobe? It’s another person’s steal of the century.

2. Menswear and childrenswear is accepted. So bring your husbands, boyfriends and fiances along! Children are welcome too – any aged 10 and under will get in for free.

3. One item of clothing = one token. So the more you bring, the more you can take away…

4. Please don’t bring any swimwear, underwear, hosiery or nightwear as these won’t be accepted.

5.  Only clean, non-damaged and good condition clothes will be accepted.

6.  Accessories including shoes, bags, belts, hats and jewellery are accepted provided they’re in good nick.

7. Forgotten to bring something to swop? No problem – pick up something from the pop up Red Cross charity shop to swop.

8. Don’t fancy swopping? It’s not compulsory – why not spend your afternoon shopping at the 20 local independent pop up shops selling everything from vintage jewellery to handmade homewares and gifts, or chill out in the retro lounge with tea, cake and old records.

Still not sure how it works? Drop us a line – call 0115 852 8016 or email

See you there!