Swop n Shop Guidelines and Rules!

13 Oct

Hi everyone,

Swop n Shop is next Saturday!! I hope you are as excited as we are! We want everyone to have a great time and enjoy the event so we have  put together a brief outline of how the event works and a few rules for happy swopping!

How to Swop

  1. Bring your unwanted items of clothing to the swop desk
  2. We’ll swap your items for tokens – 1 item = 1 token
  3. Browse our stalls, Red Cross shop & have a cup of tea at the pop up café while we sort & display your items
  4. Swop opens – browse the goodies brought in by other people – look out for designer labels!
  5. Hand in your tokens at the swop desk and take away your new things

Swop rules

  1. Menswear and childrenswear is accepted
  2. 1 item = 1 token
  3. Please don’t bring any swimwear, underwear, hosiery or nightwear as these won’t be accepted.
  4. Only clean, non-damaged and good condition clothes will be accepted.
  5. Accessories including shoes, bags, belts, hats and jewellery are accepted provided they’re in good nick.
  6. Forgotten to bring something to swop? No problem – pick up something from the pop up Red Cross charity shop to swop
  7. Any items left over at the end of the swop will be donated to our Belper & Uttoxeter Red Cross charity shops

Easy! If you have any further questions or queries please do get in touch. Our friendly and helpful volunteers will also be on hand at the event if you need any help or fashion guidance!!

We shall look forward to seeing you all next week 🙂

Laura, Alex and Siobhan x


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