Stallholder Feature #3 – Hey Emma Blue

15 Oct

Hey Emma Blue sell an array of interesting and individual items which include accessories, jewelery, cards and pictures. Emma likes to experiment by making her items from different materials, we find out a little bit more about her stall and what to expect…

What can people expect from your stall?

It will definitely have a playful feel to it – fuzzy felt dinosaurs swapping jewellery and trinkets with robots, and little creatures hiding behind papercut cards and Kindle cases.

What is your ideal Christmas gift from your stall? 

I think the ideal Christmas gift from my stall would be one of the retro cassette Kindle cases. Perfect for keeping the magic-book-machines scratch-free and snazzy-looking.

Kindle Case

What is your favourite piece that you will be selling at Swop n Shop? 

My favourite piece that I will be selling is the “Read Instead” necklace. I love books and reading (I used to work in a Library), and so a lot of my inspiration comes from that.


What attracted you to take part in Swop n Shop?

I wanted to take part in Swop n Shop because from the videos and photos of the last one (which I missed due to being away), it looked like a really lovely event that also promoted a great cause. I can’t wait to be a part of the next one!


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