Stallholder Feature #5 Jayne Woodbridge

17 Oct

We caught up with Jayne who has a studio at Banks Mill, she specialises in bags which are made from recycled clothes but also creates other products from recycled materials.

What can people expect from your stall?

My stall will have products that are made from recycled materials such as jumpers, scarves, trousers and shirts. Not only do i make bags, and these can be anything from small party bags to everyday bags, laptop bags and P.E and laundry bags. I have made bunting and banners(happy birthday, merry christmas, congratulations and new baby) and also do small commissions. All my products are priced to try to fit in with everyone’s budget and i can do this because its all recycled!

Jayne's Bunting

What is your ideal Christmas gift from your stall? 

My ideal xmas gift could maybe be a handmade bag for someone special or possibly some xmas bunting to decorate your home.

Jayne's Recycled Jumper Bag

What are you most looking forward to about Swop n Shop?

I love picking up a bargain and cant wait to bring along some clothes and have a good rummage to pick up something new to wear 🙂

What attracted you to take part in Swop n Shop?

Any thing to do with a worthy cause is something I would always try to support and the fact that it is quite a ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ idea is always a must for me. Its so nice to see our unwanted clothes being used in such a good way and for such a excellent cause.


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