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How Does The Swop Work?

6 Jun

Swop n Shop is now mere days away. Are you excited? We can’t sleep.

Wondering how it all works? Here’s a quick FAQ designed to answer all your burning questions:

1. Our swop is simple – you bring your unwanted clothes, we swop them for tokens, you swop your tokens for someone else’s unwanted clothes. That impulse buy you’ve always regretted buying, that’s sitting in the back of your wardrobe? It’s another person’s steal of the century.

2. Menswear and childrenswear is accepted. So bring your husbands, boyfriends and fiances along! Children are welcome too – any aged 10 and under will get in for free.

3. One item of clothing = one token. So the more you bring, the more you can take away…

4. Please don’t bring any swimwear, underwear, hosiery or nightwear as these won’t be accepted.

5.  Only clean, non-damaged and good condition clothes will be accepted.

6.  Accessories including shoes, bags, belts, hats and jewellery are accepted provided they’re in good nick.

7. Forgotten to bring something to swop? No problem – pick up something from the pop up Red Cross charity shop to swop.

8. Don’t fancy swopping? It’s not compulsory – why not spend your afternoon shopping at the 20 local independent pop up shops selling everything from vintage jewellery to handmade homewares and gifts, or chill out in the retro lounge with tea, cake and old records.

Still not sure how it works? Drop us a line – call 0115 852 8016 or email agadsby@redcross.org.uk

See you there!


Stall Focus #9 – Scarlet Goddess

22 May

As Swop n Shop draws ever-nearer, we catch up with Scarlett Goddess herself, Sue Farrell

Hi Sue. Could you sum up Scarlett Goddess in one sentence?
High quality vintage jewellery and accessories to suit all tastes, pockets and styles.

Nice. So what sort of things can we expect?
I sell all types of vintage jewellery, bags and accessories plus vintage inspired one-off pieces.

Will you be bringing anything special to Swop n Shop?
A step back in time to an age of glamour and elegance.

Sign me up! So how did Scarlett Goddess begin?
I have loved vintage jewellery ever since the days when I was a young girl and my Aunt let me delve into her jewellery box – often letting me choose a piece to keep.  I still have most of the pieces and still wear them today as the jewellery made then was made to last and it still looks stunning and timeless.

Finally, what made you want to take part in Swop n Shop?
I saw Swop n Shop advertised in my local Red Cross Charity Shop and thought what a wonderful idea it was and how I would love to be part of this very worthwhile event. I love to be creative and repair and re-model vintage jewellery giving it a new lease of life.


Should you wish to sample the earthly delights of Scarlett Goddess before Swop n Shop, you can find her at the marvelous Heanor Antiques Centre.

Stall Focus #8 – Jenni Alsbury

21 May

We’ve nearly completed our line-up of stalls! Trust me, you’re in for a treat.

Today we talk to Independent Phoenix Trader Jenni Alsbury.

Hello Jenni. Could you sum up your stall in one sentence?
Excellent quality greeting’s cards and stationary at great prices.

Nice. So what sort of thing will you be selling?
Independent Phoenix Traders sell greetings cards, stationary, wrapping paper, posters plus many more things. Expect to see the sort of award winning-products only avalable through an Independent Phoenix Trader

So how did you get into Phoenix Trading?
I brought some cards and decided  that it was something I could do. Phoenix Traders is easy to join, I get to make a little extra money and I love doing it!

Finally, what made you want to take part in Swop n Shop?
The British Red Cross do lots of good work both here and abroad. It is always good to support any charities I can through my business.


You can visit Jenni on her Phoenix Trading page here.

Stall Focus #7 – Born Restless

27 Apr

Born Restless is a labour of love for which we must thank the marvellous Hayley Wright. Based in Manchester – but born and bred in Derby – Swop n Shop will be a grand homecoming for her, and we are genuinely honoured to count her amongst the ranks of our stallholders.

We caught up with Hayley for a little natter.

Hello Hayley. Could you sum up Born Restless in one sentence?
Uncomfortably cute.

Intriguing! So what sort of thing do you do?
One-off embroideries in re-claimed frames.

That’s right. I make affordable pieces of art with obsessive detail and a hint of the sinister.

So how did Born Restless start?
Accidentally. After graduating with a fine art degree I moved back home and wanted to continue making work in a way that wouldn’t ruin my mum’s carpets. Sewing was perfect because it was something I could pick up and carry around.

Now I live in Manchester and have a tiny bedroom and a hectic job, sewing keeps me busy when I miss friends and family.

I’ve never really set out to turn it into anything more than a hobby, but its been great to receive such positive feedback on my work.

Finally, what attracted you to take part in Swop n Shop?
I do quite a lot of craft fairs up North, but I’ve always been keen to get more involved in the Derby creative scene. Derby’s my home town, and Swop n Shop is a great opportunity with a wide range of work – and its for a great cause.


You can browse Hayley’s wares in advance Swop n Shop at her delightful Etsy store.  She can also be found on Twitter and on the blogosphere.

With such ouija board and tarot-inspired embroidery, she’s clearly a woman after our own hearts!

Stall Focus #6 – Lisa Gibson

25 Apr

As part of our series of spotlights on our stallholders, today we spoke with colourful fashion designer Lisa Gibson – who we’re absolutely delighted to have back.

Hello Lisa. Tell us about your stall!
My stall will be full of all the joys of summer, with lots of bright colours and lots of unique and high quality items.

We must hope for a sunny day, then. What will you be selling?
On the day I will be selling clothes, accessories such as bags and brooches of all different styles, so you will be spoilt for choice. All of my designs are unique.

Sounds like our type of thing!
My stall will have a new range of summer clothing such as dresses, tops and skirts, some with bright floral prints and others with various bold prints. There are items for all tastes, from bright pastel tops to the boldest coloured skirts and bags. I am offering a great range for the holiday season.

Lovely. So how did you get into fashion?
I have always loved doing art and textiles so I went off to study fashion and textiles at University and I have been making ever since, I love what I do it’s the best job I could ever wish for.

Finally, what made you want to take part in Swop n Shop?
I have taken part in the swop and shop event previously and thought there was a real good buzz at the event, lots of people and lots of lovely stalls to look at, and all for a good cause.


You can catch up with Lisa Gibson on Twitter, Facebook and on her website.

Stall Focus #5 – The Forgotten Library

18 Apr

We’re very pleased to have The  Forgotten Library back! Having undergone a name-change, they’ll be appearing once again at June’s event, due to take place in Derby’s Silk Mill Museum.

We caught up with head librarian Charlotte to discover what it’s all about.

1. Hello Charlotte. Could you sum-up The Forgotten Library in one sentence?
Unique gifts created from vintage books and papers.

2. Couldn’t have put it better myself. So what exactly will you be selling on the day?
I hope to bring along something from all the ranges made at The Forgotten Library.  Individual journals with pulp fiction and classic penguin book covers.  Fun folders with vintage magazine covers.  Magnets and keyrings featuring book illustrations and retro advertisements.  Cards with unique train travel tickets from the 1930s-1970s, cigarette cards and advertisements from a Victorian Times newspaper.   Assorted gifts from letters to bookends decorated with decoupage.  Book clocks and more.  There will also be some rejuvenated lavender filled vintage pomanders so you can treat your new clothes from the swop to a fragrant and pretty new home in the wardrobe.

3. Charlotte, you had me at “classic penguin book covers”. Have you anything special up your sleeve planned for Swop n Shop?
I’m currently working on turning books into pen pots and holders and making headbands from vintage materials and buckles so if I can create the stock in time I hope to have some new lines introduced then.  I will also be having a multibuy offer and sale basket to satisfy the bargain hunter.

4. So how did The Forgotten Library begin?
I’ve always loved creative pursuits but not always had as much time as I’d like to enjoy these due to work commitments.  With the current economic climate I have faced redundancy due to workplace closure on 3 occasions in just a few years and so when my hours were cut after the last threat I decided to spend the extra time putting some of the ideas I’d often come up with into practice.

When I worked at an Oxfam bookshop we often bemoaned the fact the damaged books had to go in the recycling bin because they just weren’t saleable and over the years I’d had many thoughts about how they could be upcycled.  2011 was the year I started to turn my daydreams into something real.

5. Finally, what attracted you to take part in Swop n Shop?
I took part in the first event and was thrilled to find out it was happening again with a more central and fascinating sounding venue.  The wide range of fabulous craft stalls were wonderful to explore and swapping clothes is fun and a fabulous fundraising idea.  I look forward to June 9th.


As you might have grasped, we, like Charlotte, are also very excited about June 9th.

You can learn more about The Forgotten Library on their website, their blog, their Facebook page and their Etsy shop.

And, of course, you can pay a visit to their stall come June 9th!

Stall Focus #4 – Threadful

15 Apr

As part of our in-depth exploration of what makes our beloved stallholders tick, we caught up with Emily from Threadful.

1. Hi Emily. Could you sum-up your stall in one sentence?
Threadful is a one-stop shop for unique accessories, gifts and exclusive items that have all been individually handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail with the added option of personalisation.

2.   Nice. So what exactly will you be selling on the day?
On the day I’ll be bringing with me a huge choice of bags – for all kinds of occassions, laptop cases, iPad, Kindle and phone cases – for all makes and models, fun and expressive speech bubble cushions and iconic themed pillows. All of which are available in a wide range of fabric choices and colours.

3.   We’re a massive fan, as you know, of fabrics and colours.
There’ll be something for everybody on my stall! Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, or to treat a friend or family member you’ll be sure to find something! There’s a fantastic choice of fabrics in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit everyone’s taste. I also offer customisable items, for example, if there’s something specific you’d like to say, express it on one of my speech bubble cushions! If you’ve got a device that’s too large or too small for one of my pre-made case, that’s not a problem! I can tailor make any of my cases or bags. Also if you see a case you like but not in the fabric you want, again, not an issue, just place an order and I’ll make it!

4.   So how did Threadful begin?
I started Threadful just after I finished University. Whilst I was looking for a job I came across Etsy and spent hours looking at all the pretty things on there and thought of all the things that I could make. One day after not hearing back from yet another job application, I thought, you know what, let’s create my own job, and so Threadful was born!

I got designing my website – not as easy as I thought it was going to be, I’m very indecisive and kept changing my mind! Luckily for me my boyfriend knows a lot about creating websites and coded the whole thing and got it online for me, whilst I started patterning the first items, set up my trusty machine, got some fabrics and started sewing. I started off with a few laptop cases and people started buying them, I was absolutely amazed, so I made some more!

I then ventured into iPad, Kindle and phone cases and had more and more sales! Since that fateful day last June, I’ve never looked back! I now work full time but I manage to pack my evenings creating items and making custom orders, I’m very busy but I’d never stop now! It’s amazing to see my little business growing and I’m so thankful for every sale I make.


5.   We’re very pleased for you, Emily. So, finally, what attracted you to take part in Swop n Shop?
I love the idea of likeminded crafty people all coming together to help such a worthy cause and I had to be part of it. It’s wonderful to see so many people supporting events like these. I took part in last year’s event and obviously wanted to come back to this new bigger and better venue. It’s great to see all the local shops and craftspeople together and to share our gifts with the local community to raise funds for a great charity like the Red Cross.


Threadful are all over the internet. Beyond their website, you can catch them on Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus.

Or, if you want to see how it all began, check out their Etsy!